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          Pixza is a social empowerment platform disguised as a pizzeria

As a pizzeria, Pixza offers the world´s first and only pizza made of blue corn with 100% Mexican ingredients. As a social empowerment platform, Pixza is dedicated towards achieving the socio-economically productive reintegration of young adults with a "social abandonment" profile through a multidimensional empowerment program that drives them to achieve 4 objectives in 18 months:

  1. Ensure and maintain formal employment and professional development at Pixza 

  2. Establish and implement a personal and professional life plan  

  3. Move out of the shelter and into their own apartment 

  4. Take ongoing practical and professional courses 

Young adults with a "social abandonment" profile are aged 17-27 and have the following six main characteristics: 


  1. Homeless

  2. Abandoned by their family

  3. No formal education

  4. History of drug abuse

  5. Criminal record 

  6. Migrants and-or refugees 

Al Jazeera Pixza

Al Jazeera Pixza

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